13th September 2014 Get Out There and Do It!   

                                                                                                     "Some people don't know how lucky they are having the Brecon Beacons

                                                                                                                                                          right on their doorstep!

                                                                                                                 Wales has some beautiful terrain, great for all levels of walkers.

                                                                                                  We have picked a great location to host the Mountain Trail Challenge" - Cat













 Would just like to say, yet another

  fantastic event. Fantastically

  marshalled as always, and a

  massive amount of work put into

  it by everyone involved.

  This one will always stick in my

  mind, as I beat my record time :)

  Roll on March 2014 :)


 Best regards

 Phil   2013


Just a quick note to say what a

 fantastic day the Mountain Trail

 Challenge was this year.


It was the first time I have

 competed in such an event and I

 don't think I would be able to

find a more enjoyable or better

 organised one if I tried. I was by

 myself but nearly everyone had a

 smile and words of encouragement,

the marshals and volunteers were

 so helpful, and the course was

 really well marked which was

 especially helpful as it was

my first time in the Beacons.


 As I carry a few extra pounds I

 restricted myself to the short route

 and completed it in just over 8.5



I am determined to improve my

 fitness and waistline over the next

 12 months so I can attempt the full

 course next year.


I'll be signing up as soon as as you

 open it up.


Thanks again

Mark Jones (Llandudno)   2013

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MTC proudly supports


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Walking Events


Taking place on the

Saturday 13th September 2014

The event will once again take place in the




30 or 20 Miles (approx.)





The routes will take in the highest summit in the area "Pen-y-Fan" (886m) and

 include some spectacular ridgeline walking as well as walking through forestry plantations and alongside some picturesque reservoirs and waterfalls.



      The routes will also take in some of the less trodden areas of the region giving

      you the opportunity to see the National Park as perhaps you have not seen it

      before. The Brecon Beacons have been used by the British Army as a training

      area and is where they have put their elite forces to the test. Do not panic we

      won't be making you black out your face or carry a pack the size of a house

      and a rifle!


      You can enter as an individual, as a pair or walk as a team. Depending how

      fast you walk or how slow you plod it should take between 10 and 18 hours

      to complete.


      At the start of the event a PARTICIPANT NUMBER TAG will be attached

      to your rucksack. You should show this TAG at each checkpoint around the

      course. Once you arrive back at the finish, hand in your TAG to complete the

      challenge and be issued with your MTC certificate.


      NOTE:- If your TAG is not handed in, Mountain Rescue will be called out

      to find you!


      A step by step route description will be issued to you at registration on the

      day of the event and the route will also be marked along the way.


      Medical/Safety cover will be provided by the Central Beacon Mountain

      Rescue team.





This is NOT A RACE  the event is simply:-


To challenge yourself!


To walk the checkpoints within the allotted time


To complete the course


To take in the spectacular views


To feel the highs and the lows of long distance walking.




To have FUN!







The Mountain-Trail-Challenge is a readymade event to help you raise money

for your own charity; simply assemble a team or teams to do the challenge and

issue them with your own sponsorship forms. Your team(s) can register to do the

Mountain-Trail-Challenge by using the downloadable application form

and paying their own entry fee of 25, all money made from

your sponsorship forms goes straight to your charity!


JUST GIVING Click here to donate to Central Beacons Mountain Rescue